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The Law Firm of A. F. & R. Shehadeh was founded in 1935 by the late Aziz Shehadeh in the coastal city of Jaffa during the period of the British Mandate. It soon developed into one of the foremost law offices in Mandatory Palestine. In 1948 the office was moved to Ramallah which in 1950 became part of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The founder of the newly re-located office distinguished himself through two landmark cases, the defense case against the murder of King Abdullah of Jordan and the case of the blocked accounts against Israel.

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A. F. & R. Shehadeh Law Firm

Advocates, Patent & Trademark Attorneys

Established in 1935

26 Main Street, Ramallah, the Palestinian Autonomous Territories
P. O. Box 74, Ramallah, Or P.O. Box 20007 East Jerusalem,Via Israel

Tel: ++ 972 2 296 1111, ++ 972 2 296 3333, ++ 972 2 296 7777
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